Building Teams that Thrive & Survive

NexLevel Challenge helps companies maximize team performance and bottom line profits!

  • Do you feel like your team is not pulling on the same end of the rope?
  • Do you want to make sure you meet all your business goals this coming year?
  • Have you ever stopped to consider the money you are leaking out of your organization as a result of employee turnover, poor communication and ongoing interpersonal issues?

A strategic and focused approach to your team & leadership development is essential to ensure you have the right team in the right positions, all heading in the right direction!


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The Formula for Organizational Success
Productive Teams + Powerful Leadership = Cultures that Rock!!

Team Building Programs

Team Building Programs

Does your team have interpersonal issues, ineffective communication or lack cohesive trust?

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Leadership Development

Leadership Development

How do you know if your team or your company has great leadership, what does it look like?

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Alberta Ropes Course

Just For Fun

Are you looking for a fun outdoor challenge perhaps as an alternative to paintball or water rafting?

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We offer a variety of team building and team development programs conducted from either our challenge ropes course and retreat centre or from your in-house facility or other venue of choice. We offer our team building and team development programs in Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton, and across Alberta.

Empower individuals, inspire teams, and ignite results –
the NexLevel Challenge Experience!

NexLevel Challenge designs strategic, memorable and fun experiences which take your business leaders, staff colleagues, youth group or sports team, from a group of individuals to a highly effective team.

What our clients are saying:

“Hands-on experiential learning is a fun and highly effective way to better understand yourself and your teammates. The programs were highly inclusive and allowed each participant to choose how far they wanted to push themselves.”

- Aly Bandali, CHRP – Director of Human Resources with STEP Energy, Past President at HRAC & President Elect at HRIA

“One half-day session at NexLevel Challenge can do more for your team than years of going to seminars and trying to build teamwork in the workplace.”

- Carol Schurink, Business Owner, Precision Alignment & Brake Ltd.

I can honestly say as a facilitator myself and having been in many team building experiences, NexLevel Challenge is one of the best experiences I have had. The experience covered mindfulness, challenging assumptions, creative thinking, deepening relationships, pushing to new highs and much, much more.

- Jenn Lofgren CHRP, CPCC, PCC – Leadership Coach & HR Consultant | Creating Leadership Teams Crave

“The team at NexLevel Challenge was great to work with ensuring each of us had our own unique experience based on what was challenging to each of us.  Not only did the ropes course provide each of us individual pride but it solidified a strong team bond. We can’t say enough wonderful things about this company and its facilities.  We hope to be back very soon!”

- Nicole Janssen,  Edmonton

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